Ode to my hitachi magic wand

I love the Hitachi Magic Wand.. A lot. When I first got one, it completely changed my life and my masturbation experiences.

You know the first time you had “real” orgasm? And then you were like “wooooah! All those things I thought were orgasms before…yeah, not so much!”

Well, the Hitachi is similar. Except it makes all your other orgasms look like…I dunno, mini car accidents or something, and now you know what a freaking earthquake feels like. It was a life changing, heart stopping, clit pounding experience. I mean, it plugs into the wall, for goodness sake. It’s AMAZING.

Now, I even have a “head” for my Hitachi, called The G-Pod. It has added a whole new dimension; now, I can use my Hitachi clitorally, or insert-ably, or BOTH! It just got *that* much better!

Basically, the Hitachi is the best sex toy ever. Ever. I own multiple wands; one for home, one for travel, one in case one breaks. I also own at least 100 other toys…therefore, me saying that this is the best toy EVER, well, it’s saying a lot.

So, my ode to the Hitachi; you are amazing, in the way that you vibrate me into a whole new galaxy, while not zapping batteries and harming the environment. You are infinitely changing, with your plethora of heads and add-ons. You make me make noises I have never made before, and you never get old. I love thee, I love thee, I love thee.

Essin’ Em

15 Responses to “Ode to my hitachi magic wand”

  1. TK Kerouac Says:

    Magic wands have a whole new meaning now, Happy HNT!

  2. marcelloNYC Says:

    Happy HNT!

    D you think the G-spot adapter will reach the P-spot.


    I feel left out!!!


  3. I think SHE would divorce me immediately if I did something to the one I bought her. She didn’t want to use it until…… well now you know the rest of the story.


  4. Oooo……I am a huge fan of THAT magic wand and what you are doing with it! 😉


  5. Naughty Girl Says:

    Oh wow. What a creative picture! I like it.:)

  6. Fuck, I need one.

  7. Wendy Blackheart Says:

    I have an acuvibe, which is similar (it can be used cordless, HOWEVER, eventually, the charge starts to go, and you wind up leaving it plugged in anyway….)

    I refer to it as my ‘industrial’ vibrator. I use it when I want an orgasm RIGHT NOW. None of that dilly dallying with teasing and porn and all that stuff. I love it.

    I also find its good for the last orgasm of the night. As in, ok, I came, and I beat up my boy lots and did stuff to him, and he fucked me and came, and now I want one more before he’s on his way out. Its quick and easy.:)

    Though I learned the hard way that lots and lots of lube plus a whole lotta lube leads to a situation that is similar to a car’s wheel spinning in a puddle. Heh.

    Though it took my a while to learn to use it without bruising my pubic bone. But I love love love it.

  8. GreenEyedGrrrl Says:

    Oh how I love my magic wand! When my girlfriend is not in my bed, my hitachi rests on her pillow.
    She bought it for us a couple of months ago and we can’t get enough of it. While climaxing with it, I actually finish with an “Oh Hitachi!” scream and we both laugh. It really is that good.

  9. adult-sex-shop-toys Says:

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  10. Becky C. Says:

    I sing the Magic Wand’s praises as much as I can, without everyone thinking I am obbssessed (I am but do not wish to spread it).

    I really don’t know what it is about the design–but it truly is revolutionary engineering.

    A friend of mine, who lives in a flood zone, says when the warning comes, the forst thing out is the Hitachi Magic Wand!


  11. We love the Magic Wand !

  12. RE: “the Hitachi is the best sex toy ever”

    This is true..and has been for the past 30 years!

  13. Try a Wahl massager. You’ll toss that clumsy, noisy, expensive “magic” wand in the trash!!

  14. I did, and didn’t like it sexually at all; see my review of it. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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